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John Frusciante - To Record Only Water For Ten Days (Outtakes & Unreleased)

In 2001, after kicking heroine and rejoining the Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Frusciante released his third solo album, To Record Only Water For Ten Days. The album, influences by Depeche Mode and New Order, was a moderate success, receiving some positive reviews. Frusciante released another album through the internet (From The Sounds Inside) which featured material that was recorded in the same period as the official album. Warner released a CD-single of the first track on TROWFTD, Going Inside, which featured four other songs. Also, the Japanese release of TROWFTD featured an extra track: "Resolution". Later on, some other tracks, new songs and demo versions of songs from the official album, leaked on the internet, which lead to an album being compiled within the Frusciante fan community. This album featured the four songs from the Going Inside single, the "Japanese" bonus track and the leaked tracks. It was called TROWFTD Outtakes & Unreleased and a fan made a cover, resembling the official album.

Both the 2001 internet album, From The Sounds Inside, and this fan-compiled album are highly recommendable for people that like the official album. This is the track list of Outtakes & Unreleased:

1. Time Is Nothing *
2. So Would've I *
3. With No One #
4. The First Season #
5. The Last Hymn *
6. Beginning Again *
7. Representing #
8. Moments Have You #
9. All We Have ^
10. Someone's #
11. Wind Up Space #
12. Light Ahead ^
13. Every Light Will Burn ^
14. Fill My Nights ^
15. Drift Down ^
16. Resolution +

* Going Inside B-side
# Demo   
^ Leaked track
+ Japanese bonus track

From The Sounds Inside is widely available on the internet. Download Official & Unreleased here. The bit rate divers, 192 kbps or 256 kbps (The B-sides). Enjoy!


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