Tuesday, March 01, 2011

dEUS - The Blimp

dEUS has been one of my favorite bands since their first album Worst Case Scenario. I've been collecting all their singles and related releases since then. I like the first incarnation of the band (with Stef Kamil Carlens) the best and I always thought they had some amazing B-sides. Today I collected them all (up to The Ideal Crash) and made this collection of those songs, including their first EP (Zea). This is really great stuff and I'm jealous of those of you that haven't heard any of these tunes, you're up for a trip! Don't be afraid to leave a comment, and enjoy!
1. Zea intro Replica
2. Zea
3. Texan Coffee
4. The Magic Of New Pop Music
5. Whose Vegas (Is It Anyway)
6. It. Furniture In The Far West
7. Let Go
8. Niche
9. Violins And Happy Endings
10. Worried About Satan
11. I Suffer Rock
12. My Wife Jan
13. Overflow
14. Difficult Day
15. My Little Contessa
16. The Tugboat
17. Thirteen (live)
18. everything Is The Same (Except No One Believes Me)
19. Sam Peckinpah' s Daughter
20. You Can't Deny What You Liked As A Child
21. There
22. Wheels
23. Meeting You


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