Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lenny Kravitz - Someone Like You

Lenny Kravitz seems to be an almost forgotten artist nowadays. True, he never really was of this time, with his retro style music, "copying" Hendrix and Lennon, but when I tried to find some background info on him I noticed there's not much of a following on the net (or am I wrong?). I remember when Let Love Rule came out in 1989, he single handedly brought retro into the music spectrum. With the passing of time he became less and less cool to listen to (in my peer group at least) and when "5" was released he often was described as Ikea-pop. I kept listening to his first three albums though and nowadays I still think these are amazing records. The fact that he plays most of the instruments himself is something I can relate to and the way he plays the drums is very inspiring to me. 

I like his bare to the bone style songs like The Difference Is Why and Come On And Love Me, but also his soulful songs, the rock tunes (Always On The Run and Are You Gonna Go My Way) and the more funk orientated songs like Sugar and Fear. But it's the psychedelic tracks that really blow my mind every time, like My Love and Someone Like You, a fantastic B-side from the AYGGMW period. I realized there are a couple of amazing other non-album tracks so I decided to compile them on a single album, which I baptized (wink wink notch notch) Someone Like You. There's some fantastic covers too here. Enjoy this for now, as later on I will post the album he did for Vanessa Paradis, a much overlooked and under rated album in my opinion.
1. Cold Turkey (Lennon)
2. Someone Like You
3. Ascension
4. Another Life
5. Light Skin Girl From London
6. Brother
7. For The First Time
8. All My Life
9. Deuce (Kiss)
10. Confused
11. I'll Be Around
12. Billy Jack (Mayfield)
13. Spinning Around Over You
14. B-side Blues
15. Is It Me Is It You?


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