Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Beatband - Jintro Travels The World In A Skirt

In 1993 dEUS bassist/singer/composer Stef Kamil Carlens released an EP with his band: A Beatband. That's right, thats a year before the first dEUS album Worst Case Scenario (Although dEUS did release an EP before WCS album too, the Zea EP. Later incarnations of A Beatband band were Moondog Jr. and Zita Swoon. 

This first EP by A Beatband is quit rare. I don't own it (but I do own the Zea EP) but some years ago I found it on the internet (thanks to the dEUS community). It features five tracks:

1. Rainblind
2. A Jugboy = Lonely
3. Ragdoll Blues
4. Spike Smiths' For All Lost Goods
5. Big Black TV Cat

From this songs, Ragdoll Blues is the only song the appear on a later release: on 1998 album I Paint Pictures On A Wedding Dress. Another version features on this albums bonus disc The Sound Hobbyist. When I ran into this EP, I also found three demo's by A Beatband: Kamil & The Beatband, Thorn's End Needless and Tracks Of 2 Horses, which I will post in a future post.

In 1995 A Beatband changed their name to Moondog Jr., a name they had to change a year or so later once again because of another artist using the name Moondog. The album they released as Moondog Jr. (Everyday I wear a Greasy Black Feather on my Hat)  is highly recommendable for people that like raw sounding, Tom Waits inspired (Waits percussionist Michael Blair even features the album!) blues and ballads, it still is one of my favorite records. Moondog Jr. is now widely known under the name Zita Swoon. But this is where it all started.

Enjoy this hard to find release! Jintro Travels The World In A Skirt


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Thankyou! Made my night

February 24, 2011 at 2:39 AM  
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Please repost this! Been looking for this for years!

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