Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Music From Breaking Bad

OK, so this series (no HBO, but Mad Men's AMC) is truly a-ma-zing. I dived into three seasons in barely two weeks and I just couldn't stop watching. It's depressing, most of the time dead serious and not funny at all, but it's so well written and played, so real and interesting that I can't imagine people not liking it. One of the great things about Breaking Bad must be the soundtrack. I made a compilation of a 4 disc compilation someone else on the web made (the original soundtrack is only one disc). The songs go from mexican fiesta songs, via lounge tunes and classical music to hip hop (My Rims!) and so on. Ready or not, Heisenberg!
1. Apocalypshit - Molotov
2. Negro Y Azul - Los Cuates De Sinaloa
3. Anyway The wind Blows - J.J. Cale
4. They're Going To Take My Thumbs - Holy Fuck
5. Mas Y Mas - Bronx River Parkway
6. One By One - Black Seeds
7. Without You - Sasha Dobson
8. Peanut Vendor - Alvin Tyler
9. Nariz Inquieta - Los Torrenciales De La Sierra
10. Waiting Around To Die - The Be Good Tanyas
11. Uh - Fujiya & Miyagi
12. DLZ - TV On The Radio
13. Every Kinda People - Robert Palmer
14. Finale Vivace - Amadeus Quartet
15. Beautiful Emilie - Keziah Jones
16. Nine Years - Ticklah
17. Los Pistoleros - Jonaty Garcia
18. Mango Walk - In Crownd
19. Deixa Pra La - Bronx River Park Way
20. Good Morning Freedom - Blue Mink
21. Koop Island Blues - Koop feat. Ane Brun
22. My Rims - Chops


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