Monday, July 25, 2011

Mercury Rev - Chasing A Bee

This was one of my favorite bands in the beginning of the nineties and I've recently been going back to their records. I picked up Yerself Is Steam on vinyl in a suburb of Prague back then. I owned the CD already but I picked up the vinyl anyway, mostley because I was amazed they had a copy there... Turned out it was the first pressing, on blue vinyl, for Mint Records (higly collectible nowadays)! I saw them also in concert in Melkweg in Amsterdam and I thougth it was pretty cool that David Baker, the singer was talking with people in the adience until the rest of the band came on and he just climbed on the stage to begin the show. I must have some pictures somewhere of that show. I liked the second album a lot too and although I bought the third album on vinyl I kinda lost interest in them at that point. (eg: I didn't really like that album). I will upload some B-sides form the Baker erea soon.


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