Thursday, January 20, 2011

DJ BambooStick - Mixtape 7: Delicious!

Over the years I made a lot of mix tapes, for various occasions. Most of the time the occasion was I wanted to make a mix tape though. Some of those were, in my humble opinion, pretty nice to listen to, so I thought I might share the best ones here. This is the first I'd like to share. it's called Delicious and it features some nice old music, some jazz and some Balkan stuff. This is the track list, although the file I've uploaded is a continuous mp3 (320 kbps):

1. Farewell Transmission - Songs: Ohia
2. Viva Tirado - El Chicano
3. Join The Band - Hohn Davis & Georgia Island Sea Singers
4. Dance Around - The Hackensaw Boys
5. Saturday Night Fish Fry - Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five
6. Gimme Dat Harp Boy - Captain Beefheart
7. Angryman - The Bees
8. Kill The Lesbian Underground - Scram C. Baby
9. With Me In Mind - Cody ChesnuTT (ft. Sonja Marie)
10. Usti, Usti Baba (Altiplano Mix) - Kočani Orkestar vs Senor Coconut
11. Bak et Halleluja - Kaizers Orchestra
12. Roumskat – Bratsch
13. Carolina - Taraf De Haidouks
14. Psycho - Bobby Hendricks
15. Danse Fambeaux - Dr. John
16. Hey Baby - J.J. Cale
17. Mexico – Beck
18. Freedom - Charles Mingus
19. The Sidewinder - Lee Morgan
20. Brown Eyed Handsome Man - Nina Simone
21. Tell Her To Come On Home - Little Mack/Sun Ra
22. Delicious - Jim Backus & Friend


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