Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Jesus And Mary Chain - Psychocandy

My God, this album is from 1985, so it's almost 26 years old. If you don't now it, and if you like beautiful songs with a rough edge, do yourself a favor and take it now. This album is drenched in reverb and distortion, but underneath all the noise are songs that will enchant you with their pure beauty. I think The Velvet Underground meets Phil Spector is a comparison much used. I didn't listen to any other albums by the band after this (don't know why though) but this has stayed an album I returned to every once and a while, and that never stopped to amaze me, jaw dropping style. Smell the noise!
1. Just Like Honey
2. The Living End
3. Taste The Floor
4. The Hardest Walk
5. Cut Dead
6. In A Hole
7. Taste Of Cindy
8. Never Understand
9. Inside Me
10. Sowing Seeds
11. My Little Underground
12. You Trip Me Up
13. Something's Wrong
14. It's So Hard


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