Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jonny Greenwood - Bodysong

It's been a while, so...erm...yeah! I try to post as little official stuff as possible but I do post some hard to get stuff every now and then. This time: the soundtrack from 2003's documentary by Simon Pummell about life. Yeah, as big as that. I recommand to watch this film because I think it's beautiful (if that's enough...). It handles themes like birth, childhood, dance and sex by showing loads of images from all over the world, without dialogue or (for half of the time) even sound with the images. There is music: by Radiohead's guitar player extraordinaire: Jonny Greenwood. He uses sampling, jazz and classical orchestration and experimental music to paint a picture that's weird, comforting and disturbing consecutively or sometimes simultaneously.
The file that you can get here, features four additional tracks: 2 tracks from the 7" that was released around the same time the album was and one track called Untitled, of which I don't know where it came from, but it sounds like it's from the same sessions, so I included it here. Also included is Smear, a symphony Greenwood composed as composer in residence to the BBC Concert Orchestra. Not really fitting this release but yeah...
Pay extra attention to the track Convergence. It sounds like Greenwood arranged loads of percussion to play free form and slowly directs all percussion to play into the beat. I own both the CD and the vinyl as well as the 7" so I paid my dollars & cents to Jonny. Oh, and all artwork is by Stanley Donwood (Radiohead's residential artist) Enjoy!
1. Moon Trills (5:17)
2. Moon Mall (1:12)
3. Trench (2:38)
4. Iron Swallow (2:07)
5. Clockwork Tin Soldiers (3:48)
6. Convergence (4:26)
7. Nudnik Headache (2:16)
8. Peartree (3:06)
9. Splitter (3:57)
10. Bode Radio/Glass Light/Broken Hearts (4:36)
11. 24 Hour Charleston (2:39)
12. Milky Drops from Heaven (4:44)
13. Tehellet (3:40)
14. Duty Lux (2:52) 7" bonus track
15. Untitled (3:56)
16. Nudnik Headache Splitting Mix (5:29) 7" bonus track
17. Smear (12:22)


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