Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Pixies - The Purple Tape

In March 1987, Boston based group Pixies ventured into their first studio experience: they recorded seventeen songs in the Fort Apache Studio's, Boston. Eight of these songs later formed their first official release; Come On Pilgrim. The other nine tracks were never released although they were later reworked by the Pixies into new recorded versions, that appeared on releases as Doolittle and Trompe Le Monde. In 2002 these eight tracks were released and now you can hear the whole thing as it must have been: The Purple Tape
1. Brick Is Red
2. Caribou
3. Vamos
4. Isla De Encanta
5. Ed Is Dead
6. The Holiday Song
7. Nimrod's Son
8. I've Been Tired
9. Broken Face
10. Build High
11. Rock A My Soul
12. Down To The Well
13. Break My Body
14. I'm Amazed
15. Here Comes Your Man
16. Subbacultcha
17. In Heaven


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