Monday, January 24, 2011

Tom Zé - Estudando o Samba

Officially released, but very hard to buy nowadays, so I'm uploading this masterpiece by Tom Zé (1936). This is Zé's fifth album, from 1976, on which he gives his version of the authentic South American music style: samba. Zé is one of the creators of Tropicália, an art movement in Brazil influenced by Dada, and he is known for using samples and unorthodox "instruments" like typewriters as soon as the early seventies. Smell this!
1. Mã
2. A Felicidade
3. Toc
4. Tô
5. Vai
6. Ui!
7. Doi
8. Mãe
9. Hein?
10. Só
11. Se
12. Índice


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